t's winter now, and so the surroundings are getting chilly day by day

We have separate groups of similar age

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We have separate groups of similar age categories and

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As mentioned earlier, we joined the Karachi escort agency not just for money but for

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What else? When we are offering such a professional private service, shouldn't we charge?


t’s winter now, and so the surroundings are getting chilly day by day. My husband just left me in the midst of these lonely, chilly nights. Can you imagine?

By the way, this is Riya from Andheri Karachi, a 21 years old married girl. I live in a 5 storied apartment near the Andheri post office. My husband and I love to spend most of our time together. But at times, he goes out of station for office work. And that is the moment I crave a man.

I heard about the Karachi escort services earlier. And that made me contact them and eventually join them. Not to mention, since then I am quite satisfied.

There are many more beautiful young ladies there who crave some handsome hunk in bed just like I do. They have even joined the Karachi escort agency to fulfil their needs as well.

We have separate groups of similar age categories and spend most of our time together sharing our experiences. In my group, there are many unsatisfied ladies just like me who crave sex in the absence of their husbands.

Thank God that I have already joined the female escort agency in Karachi because though I have joined recently, I have already made many friends here.

Apart from that, I go out dating and meet new faces, almost every day. I’ll be busy meeting new people quite often and that has really changed the course of my life. Now I feel completely stress-free, relaxed, joyous, satisfied and more active.

However, our ladies have all been trained under professionals and are properly groomed. We know how to please a man and keep him excited the whole night

As mentioned earlier, we joined the Karachi escort agency not just for money but for the craving for intimacy. Having said that, we never fall short while satisfying our clients.

Yes, we do it for extra pocket money as well. What else? When we are offering such a professional private service, shouldn’t we charge?

Going with the trend, we offer erotic massage services, as well as many of our ladies, are trained, massage therapists. When it comes to variety, we offer different types of massage services following the list-

Hey! Do you feel the same as I do? Then come over to my place as my husband has gone out of station for a couple of weeks. And I am all alone here in my luxury flat.

In my flat, you won’t fall short of amenities as there is a king-size bed that fits a couple perfectly. Apart from that, the rooms are fully air-conditioned and full of coziness.

Don’t worry if you are doing work from home, because there is Wi-Fi as well. So you can even spend a couple of hours in my room and complete your office work.

For outcall services, we have special discounts with some more attractions. If you book me for an outcall or an outstation trip, then you get another female companion as a complementary. Why so? Because my friends too love to travel.

It’s true that having fun with Pakistanns gets boring sometimes. Especially, when you have foreigners around. My foreign female friends also offer private services in Karachi just like me.

However, they charge a bit more, because they are doing that as their main profession. Having said that, the experience that you get with them is truly amazing. So it’s worth it!

The foreigner Karachi Escorts are also available for sex chats, sexy video calls, cam chats, live shows, and a lot more.

You might think about what I am doing on Tinder, right? Because I am already married and also happy with my relationship. Well, I too have desires and as I already mentioned, my husband doesn’t always satisfy me. He goes out of station quite often.

I doubt he has got extra marital affairs with some other ladies as well. So why shouldn’t I be enjoying life like him? That is the reason I have created my profile on Tinder and on some other dating apps like Bumble, OkCupid, Happy, Truly Madly, and more.

You’ll find my original profile on those dating apps, however, I don’t share my personal contact number there initially. When I come close to some men, only then do I share my WhatsApp number and my calling number.

Fortunately, here I am sharing my personal number with you as by this time, reading this post for quite a long, I feel you have already got to know about me a lot, right?

So if you feel lonely, don’t just think twice but dial me right away at. I’ll be right there for you. But wait, I’ll only be available when my husband goes out of the station. But I promise, if I am not available for the escort service, then I’ll arrange for some of my other female escorts in Karachi to satisfy your needs.

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